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Fabulous Devon & Cornwall

Is this you? You’ve created a special place to stay, a place that’s ‘fabulous’ and you’re proud of, most of all you wish to share it with people who’ll appreciate and love it!

You don’t want your place to be buried in the great behemoth of impersonal travel websites.

If so, then you may be in the right place!

Fabulous Devon & Cornwall was created as a result of our love and interest of holiday properties and our travels around the UK. It is important to us that our site did not have an overly commercial look that bombard visitors with hundreds of random places to stay. With that, we set out to design a clean, contemporary and textural website that is stylish, easy to navigate with fabulous places to stay.

We keep things focused! Unlike many of the larger, mainstream holiday cottage websites, we feature only fabulous places to stay.

We know about holiday accommodation and feature just that, ensuring when you visit our website or social media pages you’ll see a clear message, holiday cottages and fabulous places to stay, nothing more!

Adding your place

It’s important to us that every property we showcase not only looks great, is furnished to a high standard and reviews are favourable…ultimately it’s got to be a place we would be more than happy to stay in ourselves.

While we feature many properties from our carefully chosen local and national partners, we also welcome privately owned properties. We are mindful of who joins us, this so we can maintain a high level of standard in the places we promote. Not every property makes it onto our site!

Your place

To feature your place on Fabulous Devon & Cornwall the following needs to be considered. Does your place meet the following guidelines?


Great Photography

Visitors ‘buy with their eyes’ and one of the most important elements of our website is great imagery. For your place to shine, we require good photography, preferably taken by a professional. Places that have bright, inspiring photographs receive a far stronger reaction on our website and social media.


A Website

You may be surprised at this one, we often come across places that have no website. We only link to private websites, not social media pages or agency sites I’m afraid.


Located in Coastal Devon & Cornwall

Of course your place needs to actually be located in either Devon or Cornwall. We do not yet cover inland locations, your place would need to be within 15 to 20 miles of the coast.


One Place Per Listing

We feature just one property per listing. By this we mean, if you have multiple properties you would need to consider more than one listing. We do not feature multiple properties on one listing.

Apply to be on Fabulous Devon & Cornwall

To feature your place on Fabulous Devon & Cornwall costs annually from £145.00. This payable in advance and annually there after until you decide otherwise.